I am a writer.

It is hard for me to use that solitary term to describe myself. Writing is only one part of a bigger picture of me and I never advocate making judgement without getting all the facts. Yet for the here and now, “writer” is all that is relevant.

I set up this blog as an exercise in creativity. To polish my craft, if you will. I hope you enjoy what you see here, and if you do, I hope you will take the time to let me know. After all, your comments are the friction that make the gem shine.

Thanks for visiting!

Jules Carey

Author Bio

Jules Carey spends most of her time in a world whose language has no translation for the word “normal”. Five kids and a self-employed husband keep life full for this Ohio based author. After spending five years writing technical documents for marketing companies, Jules decided to embrace the craziness surrounding her and pursue creative fiction. Look for her most recent flash fiction in upcoming editions of Zouch Magazine & Miscellany, and AntipodeanSF.  When she isn’t reading, editing, revising, or setting her keyboard on fire, you can find her tutoring math and reading to young children.


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