Book Review: The Lost Symbol

12:43 PM Saturday, October 3, 2009

[the+lost+symbol.jpg]I have read quite a few (if not all) of Dan Brown's novels. I just finished his latest "The Lost Symbol." Unlike the last few novels, Brown depicts The Freemasons as a wise victim rather than evil incarnate like the Catholic Church, which was a nice change of pace. But while this book is readable, it was still predictable and lacked the luster of his previous works. I would consider this a good way to bide your time between "The Da Vinci Code" and whatever he does next. It's not hard to put down, but not hard to pick up either.

I am now reading something very surprising for me. "My Life In France" by Julia Child. Yes, me! The total non-cook (is that a word?) is reading a Julia Child book. I am reading it because someone actually gave me a copy and invited me to a book club. So what the heck! So far it's not too bad. I'll go into greater detail when I am finished.


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