An Introduction

5:42 PM Thursday, January 28, 2010

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by my blog today.

You may wonder why I'm here. Well, I decided that if I was going to take myself seriously as a writer, I needed a place to display my writings for multiple reasons:
  1. I need feedback. What things do I need to work on? Where can I improve? And let's not forget, What am I doing right?
  2. Someday, I hope to attract editors, agents, and publishers to my writings. Maybe this will be a tool I use for that purpose or maybe it's just a spot to clean up my act until that day. We shall see.
  3. By putting myself out there, I can avoid making excuses for not doing this. Now, I have someone to report to.
  4. I admit it...I like the "PUBLISH POST" button. It makes me feel good :)
No matter your level of expertise, whether the published author or just someone who likes to read, sit back and enjoy what you see here. And if you don't enjoy it, speak up! And if you do enjoy it, speak up too! I need all the help I can get here.


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