Who Is Your Celebrity Muse?

5:02 AM Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ewan McGregor
My favorite celebrity muse

I am a very visual person. When I'm reading a story, I often have problems visualizing characters clearly. This is usually through no fault of the author, I just have a hard time visualizing people (places, things, not so much a problem). So just like Jessica over at Diary of a Bibliophile, I often assign a "dream cast" to my reading. This is usually someone of considerable fame to represent that character. 

Sometimes this "vision problem" is a deterrent to my writing as well. I often feel I am not accurately describing a person's visage clearly to my reader. So I usually try to find a celebrity who is similar in appearance to my concept for that character. 

This is purely visual. I do not (or at least I try not to) let the real celebs personality affect my judgement of how close he/she is to my character. For instance, if I need a awkward and shy, middle-aged, black woman I may still envision Oprah Winfrey as my muse for this character even though she is certainly not awkward or shy.   

I have the feeling I am not the only one who does this. 
So what I'd like to know is, 

Who is your celebrity muse? 


  1. ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I bet you guessed that one. Some other muses I have used are Rachel Melvin, Kristen Stewart (Gag, I know, but again, purely on looks. She can be pretty when she smiles.), Hunter Parrish and Galen Gering. I used IMDB sometimes to find some to act as a Muse. And Google Images. Great resources.


  2. Oh, yes, and I'm totally surprised by that one, Jesi! LOL But I have also scoured the IMDB looking for inspiration as well. Nice resource :)

    Jules Carey

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