Escaping the Valley

6:09 AM Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I promised my own story from the Story Starter I gave late last week. I thought it would be easier as the story I originally went with was semi-autobiographical. Turns out I couldn't make anything of that... yet.  Instead, I pondered it all week and thought up my first 6 sentence story (inspired by the blog of the same name here.)

Escaping the Valley

Row upon row of grape vines were flaming behind their house in the valley.  It was twilight on a dry summer night, no rain for weeks.  She swore this was the last time she'd pretend everything was fine when he returned from the other woman's bed.  His empty promises rang in her head as she poured the remaining lighter fluid and dropped the match.  When he pulled in the drive, he'd find his fortune burning in the California night. She and the boy would be long gone by then.


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