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9:26 PM Thursday, March 31, 2011

So my current WIP (aka my love, my nemesis, my pride and joy, or my royal pain in the @#@, depending on the day) is a science fiction story involving a royal coup and earth being a penal colony. See this post if you would like more detail. This is my first sci fi story,and I have to admit, there are times I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew (*cough, cough, gag, gag* Anyone know the Heimlich Maneuver?!)

It's a tough genre! World building isn't an easy thing and to those for whom it comes naturally, I tip my hate (uh... I mean hat) to you. Unfortunately, I've had to pry much of it out of my brain with a crow bar. However, I am lucky enough to have my family who helps me hash out many of my ideas and inconsistencies. They are proving to be a handy bunch!

Tonight I was trying to work out a way for one person to view the thoughts, feelings, and memories of another and bouncing ideas for this off my hubby. Now, you have to understand that my hubby is not a sci fi nut, nor does he do much illogical thinking. With this idea, he kept trying to come up with ideas that were of this world and in line with our modern technology. He wasn't understanding what I was trying to explain, that this technology, paranormal activity, or whatever it was gonna be, did not have to be a logical idea that we know and understand in our day/time/place in space. But in my attempts to explain this to him, I learned one simple truth.

Science Fiction does not have to be real, 
it just has to be explained

And explained well, I might add, which is where many of the challenges arise. Still, every little insight is something to celebrate along the road to creating a well written story. I have since worked out my issue and come up with an interesting concept for this exchange (I told you they were proving handy).

What I want to know now is how do you come up with ways of working through story concepts?  Also, like my idea with science fiction, what insights have you learned about writing?


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