Two Challenges In One

9:38 AM Monday, May 3, 2010

To continue my Story A Day challenge for May, I combined it with another little one I found here on Creative Copy Challenge.  Take ten assigned words and make a story.  Sounds like my kind of thing.

Here are the 10 words assigned and the story that ensued:

    1. When I grow up
    2. Just one thing
    3. Flirt
    4. Sign
    5. Slippery
    6. So far away
    7. The end
    8. Spice
    9. Wrong
    10. Fear
The Wait

"When I grow up I want to be an accountant," the little girl said as she sat so far away from me at the end of the bench."They help people, without ever really having to touch them." 

I was just there to keep an eye on her while she awaited an attempt to right the wrong that had been done to her. Nervous fear radiated from her as we sat together waiting for the bailiff to call her into the courtroom. The floor was wet from all the rain that was being drug in by people's shoes, but no one had thought to put up a "Slippery When Wet" sign. It was so dark from the clouds that I found the EXIT sign above the door blinding.  

"It was wrong of him to flirt with me," she said when we were introduced.  That was the end of her  explanation for why she was there. She immediately turned the conversation to the pumpkin spice colored cushions on the bench opposite us.

She was patient though it seemed like forever before the bailiff came out to signal for her.  Once he did, she got several feet away before she turned to him and said, "Just one thing," running back to my spot on the bench.

"Thank you very much." she said in a voice far too grown up for her age.

"You're welcome, Sweetie," were all the words I could find for her, but I sent up the most sincere prayer of my life as she disappeared into the courtroom.


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