Writing Is Like...

5:19 AM Monday, April 26, 2010

... this Oreo cookie pie!

We're all attracted to it.
It is yummy.
It's delicious when you take a bite of it.
Too much may make you sick.
It's put together just like a story..

To make an Oreo cookie pie:

  1. Start with a crust.  It's not the best part of the pie, but without it, everything else will fall apart. The crust makes the dessert easier to dish out.  (Like a story, planning and preparation are essential to holding everything else together when you present it to a potential agent or publisher.)
  2. Fill it with yummy stuff.  Oreo ice cream is what I'd do, but as long as you've got complimentary ingredients, you can do just about anything. (Your story is subject to whatever you put in it. Better make it good!)
  3. Layer the topping.  Let's be honest, this is what really attracts us to the pie in the first place! It's the only part you can see until you get into it. It makes the whole thing look great, and it tastes good too. (We go into writing with that wonderfully, elusive dream of someday publishing our work. Often, we don't know just how involved that is until we get started.)
Sure, putting a pie together can be a lot of work, 
but the rewards are 


  1. Now I'm hungry!... and I'm wondering what flavor of pie I'm actually baking.

    T.S. Bazelli

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